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At Empire, we create exclusive custom fine jewelry,

and have been doing so for over 35 years now.


Our unique pieces are all created, handmade and produced in-house,

applying the highest standards of craftsmanship.


Our atelier is based in Montreal, an international creative hub.

Bridging North America and Europe, Montreal’s vibrance

and contemporary style, continuously inspire our vision and propel us to innovate.


Europe is really where our story began; this is where we and the artisans

in our atelier learned the fine jewelry trade many decades ago. Today, we continue to apply these old world techniques and exacting quality standards,

and combine them with new modern technologies. 


This merge of old and new is at the core of who we are; it allows us the freedom to explore the most creative outputs, while ensuring our pieces

are truly refined in their finish.


Whether we’re designing a custom piece, re-designing an existing heirloom or vintage piece, or even doing a simple revamp, our approach is unwavering;

it’s open and it’s collaborative; it’s one where our clients are involved from conception to the brilliant, shiny finished product. Sketches, CAD drawings

and waxes are shared throughout the process, providing a highly curated and reassuring experience.


We believe jewelry is fantasy; that it’s magical;  that when well-made, it has the power to transport, elevate and create new stories. Being an integral part of our clients' defining moments and knowing we have their trust,

is a privilege we take to heart. 

Our Work


We specialize in custom pieces & redesigns.

From engagement rings to personalized pieces that tell a family's story, to revamping old pieces and giving them a new breath of life.

This is what we do best.

Custom Designed Pieces
Redesigned Pieces

Our Collection

Tessera Creations is our latest family venture and our very first collection to be sold uniquely online.

We proudly draw inspiration from the diverse identities and cultures that make our eclectic family the mosaic that it is, and create unique pieces that celebrate colliding contrasts. 

Like with our family, every piece created has a distinct meaning and carries its own light, but when hey come together as one, a brighter glow radiates.

Our collections includes both finer and more statement pieces. Though each one is designed to be striking on its own, all of them are created to play well together, to combine and layer as you see fit, based on your unique story and tastes.

Our Collection